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Steve Grocott (
Date:Sat 02 Mar 2013 12:31:20 GMT

Hi Steve, been a fan of your voice for many years, if you get a spare five mins please check out my new website
All the very best to you and yours



Mike Evans (
Date:Thu 21 Feb 2013 20:17:55 GMT
Subject:From last

Sorry.....Inspired....what a twonk... Ha Ha


Mike Evans (
Date:Thu 21 Feb 2013 20:16:03 GMT
Subject:Great Albums

Hi Steve fantasic albums. I first saw you play supporting Bon Jovi in Stoke. I have always loved your music. I play also at I have recently bought break away and only just saw that you send out autographs from here. I bought it from the record label. Could you please send me one if I mail my address by the post with a SAE?

Keep up the great work. You enspired me through my school days.


Leif (
Date:Thu 06 Dec 2012 22:46:31 GMT
Subject:Shot in the dark

Hey Mr. Overland.

Finally (!!!!) YOUR song Shot In The Dark is on a current record.


Dehlor (
Date:Wed 17 Oct 2012 00:33:20 BST

Hi everybody, I'm mich from Europe I got almost every album from Steve and this is my 2cent 'bout:

For Shadowman I guess best albums are DifferentAngles and WatchingOverYou though my fav song "It'sElectric" belongs to none of them!
Party'sOver from last album I love most but why put it as final hidden track ? I'd suggest the band to make a videoclip for it for that shit MTV could be huge success !

For Overland solo career I prefer DiamondDealer, better production value and deeper songwriting !


John T (
Date:Thu 13 Sep 2012 11:34:40 BST
Subject:Wildlife Albums

OK, so I'm sitting at home reading the latest "Classic Rock" mag and there's an article about the bands who only brought out one album. Immediately I thought of my long lost vinyl Wildlife record, thinking it was a one-off. I look on your site to discover there were two!!! Now, here's the thing. How can I get these albums now? Download or CD anywhere? Please help.....


Carlos Carreño (
Date:Thu 22 Mar 2012 03:03:54 GMT
Subject:Music video from "Somewhere In the Night" of Wildlife

Hi Steve I´m a long time mexican fan following you since Wildlife, do you know were can I get the music video from the hit single "Somewhere In The Night" It seems nobody has it these days, I used tohave it on vhs but I lost the tape1 :( Thanks and come to Mexico City some time! Best regards Carlos


kqjsvi (
Date:Thu 19 Jan 2012 13:11:37 GMT

FRWtBr , [url=]mknwusyqepfi[/url], [link=]lvghgsjtqtst[/link],


uehbycchfp (
Date:Tue 17 Jan 2012 13:40:39 GMT

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Kitty-Alice (
Date:Mon 01 Aug 2011 15:06:34 BST

Hi Steve! I am an absolutely massive fan of you! You are my all time hero, and I love everything you do musically, as it is always so stunning! I've been a fan of FM for ages,(The "Frozen Heart" VIDEO!!) and I loved your album "Diamond Dealer", especially "City of Dreams". In response to your new Shadowman album, I can only say that amazing is not the word to describe it! Incredible is not even near how brilliant you sound on each track! You sparkle with such passion and every single word you sing is such a beautiful release from my turbulent life.i love returning to it on the dark days, and just closing my eyes and being somewhere so much better. "Suzanne" is a particular fave of mine (not just because it's my middle name!)I am on your official FB page, and always have a chat with Pete on the first of every month-just ask him about the crazy girl on the chat room who talks about knitting!

I hope that I get to hear your gorgeously hypnotic voice on more wonderful albums-especially the new FM one! You may just have inspired me to play guitar more!

Love always from a true FM girl (First heard you when I was 4!)

Kitty-Alice Suzanne Willow xxxx


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