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Latest Update From Steve Overland
(Feb 2011)

Hi everyone,
I hope you've all been well and that you all had a great Christmas.

Firstly,let me apologise for the time it's taken me to update you all on what's been going on,but I've just been so busy trying to get everything finished, but thankyou for being patient,and for all your support over the last year.

   Firstly, the fourth
"SHADOWMAN" album has just been mixed and completed. It is called "Watching over you",and we are all very proud of it. The band line-up remains the same as always, Chris Childs - Bass, Steve Morris -guitars, Harry James - drums and myself doing what I usually do, and although I loved the last album, I think this one is easily the best so far songwise. We have recruited Tommy Hanson to mix it again,as he did such a great job on the last one. We hope to get a release date of around April time,so let me know if you enjoy it.

I also have around six tracks written and demoed for a third
"OVERLAND" album. I am in the studio demoing more next week,and I hope to get a few surprise guest musicians on this one, so watch this space.

There is still the
"OZONE" project in the pipeline too, which is an album featuring myself and the great Chris Ousey.
We are going through songs for this one at the moment and it looks like we could have some great people involved to work with, so this is somthing to watch out for in the future.

Finally that other band I'm in
F.M, have been in and out of the studio recording the follow up to the "METROPOLIS" album. The new stuff sounds great, and a majority of the songs are written, we have a lot of shows coming up through the Spring and Summer, so it will be great to see you all when we're out on the road.

So finally thankyou once again for all your support,it's all of you that makes this all possible.I'll get some new pictures for the site,and i promise i won't leave so long this time.

                               Take care everyone.......Steve.O.


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Listen to Steve Morris and Ian Gillan and the acoustic track 'Change My Ways'


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I recently I did an acoustic gig wih Ian Gillan at Absolute Radio in London.
This is the former Vigin station. We rehearsed 5 numbers at Ian's.'
Change My Ways' and 'Better Days',
from Ian's new album
'One Eye to Morocco',and 'When a Blind Man Cries','Black Night' and 'Smoke on the Water'.
It was a bit strange at first playing these numbers just one guitar and voice,but with a bit if jiggery pokery with
the keys they started to sound really good. We used all but 'Smoke' for the session,even though that sounded great,and different
in a Jose Feliciano sort of way!

I used a Gibson 12 string on two tracks,and a Breedlove 6 string on the others.
So we arrived at the station about 11p.m. and set up in their studio,and had a quick sound check.The engineers at the studio
were really spot on,and the sound was great.They invited a small audience in to give it a some atmosphere,and the whole thing ran very smoothly.Ian sang brilliantly.
The guys at the station were really chuffed,and as a result they are doing an
Ian Gillan week,culminating with the interview
and whole gig on
Friday 15th May at 7p.m. repeated on Sunday 17th at 6p.m.Check it out.

Steve Overland and I have started the new Shadowman album.The demos will be completed in a month,with recording
due to start in the Summer
Cheers for now

Steve Morris


Update from Steve Morris

Well since the last Shadowman record I,ve been awaiting the release of Ian Gillan's new record 'One Eye to Morocco'.
The reason being that I have 8 co-written songs on it!
Ian sent me a special C.D. with a bonus track, and it sounds great.
It's always weird hearing other people play your material for the first time, but Nick Blagona the producer has done a great job.
He used musicians from the Toronto area that he has known for years and they play great.
Ian wanted a record with no solos on, just a really good rythym section with arranged parts for the band to work from.
There is one track though which was left in the form that I demo'd ['Deal with It'] and this because the very nature of the music
I created couldn't be replicated by a band.
So Nick just added some real kit andn left the rest to me and my guitar.It sounds great,and weird!
 I met up with Ian just after Xmas and we had a writing session,which was very productive.

 Steve Overland and myself are about to start the writing for the new Shadowman record,and the tracks I have at the moment
are leaning towards classic A.O.R. territory,with a slice of blues and soul thrown in.

 I recently did a memorial gig at the Cavern in Liverpool for the late Phil Easton of Radio City.He was the guy who introduced me to Gillan,
and was a great friend.Chris de Burgh was supposed to play with us,but his doctor advised him not to,as he had a virus,
which was a shame because I'd re-arranged 'Lady in Red' to sound like the heaviest metal number ever! What a pity.

 I'm currently playing a Fender 'road-worn' Telecaster, which sounds and looks awesome. Also I've purchased a Breedlove acoustic, and a Vintage'Lemon Drop'Les Paul. Also an old Gibson 12 string acoustic found it's way into my possession,and I fitted a Fishman pick-up
on it and I love the sound of it.
These and my Eric Clapton Strat should keep me happy for a short while,until that Martin D 28 becomes a little cheaper.
I'm using 3 different Line 6 Pod's,and a Marshall 5150 amp.Sounds the Biz.

 Cheers Steve Morris....

Read Steve Overland's latest update over at the 'Overland' homepage here

Steve Overland and FM to Headline Firefest VI

FM are the headlining band for the UK's top melodic rock festival on  Saturday 24th October 2009.
The band will be performing with new guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick at the Nottingham Rock City venue,
where two years ago they took the place by storm.
Ticketing info and more details of the festival can be found at 


Shadowman release
The Ghost In The Mirror

It has been four years since the debut album by Shadowman was released (“Land of the Living” ESM098).
The album was warmly received by all who had a penchant for good old British melodic hard rock. As you would expect Shadowman
had elements of both Heartland and FM deeply embedded in its grooves, yet it was highly original and was often touted as the
best British melodic release of 2004.

Two years later in 2006 and we have an eagerly awaited follow up called “Different Angles” (ESM 127), an important album for this
quartet that also includes both Harry James and Chris Childs of Thunder. A few chords into the song “Learn to live without you”
and it is fairly obvious that we are in for a real treat. That unmistakable guitar trademark sound of Steve Morris and the vocals
of Steve Overland shine through at a very early stage. Somehow they make their music sound effortless; the driving riff throughout
“In the Shadows” is testament to this making it such a classic song.

As we all very well know Steve Overland has a remarkable vocal range, not only does it suit the classic melodic rock genre but
he has a very bluesy side to his talent. His very recent release “Overland” (ESM170) is causing quite a stir across the world,
and he is very much in the limelight at the moment.

Back to Shadowman: a band that is all about great rock music who will win you over with charm. Quality rock music is so hard
to find these days and it is reassuring to know that it hasn’t lost its way. It is always hard to follow on from a near perfect album like
“Land of the Living”, but these guys did it with “Different Angles” and here we are again, two years on with a perfect release in the
shape of “Ghost in the Mirror”.
What this releases gives us is an extension of the band’s already established sound, with some clever twists.

 There are no fillers on this CD, songs like “Road to Nowhere”, Fire and Ice” and “Keeper of my Heart” are all winners from start to finish. Undoubtedly their finest release to date “Ghost in the Mirror” will be eagerly awaited until its release later this year. A Contender for best release of 2008!